"... When trios by Haydn and Schubert are paired with 'Présence' by Bernd Alois Zimmermann, the older works are heard in a different way: the trio follows Zimmermann's demand to wear costumes and surround themselves with a dancer. (...) "In all three pieces of the evening, one realizes that it is about 'language'", says the pianist Nicolas Rimmer."
Video reportage and concert broadcast on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, May 25, 2018

"Here the intonation of the two string instruments was faultless, the subtlety of the phrasing and the nuancing capable of lively, enticing, unexpected passages. Then there is the question of harmonic collaboration, the aplomb that is required to unite the instruments as if they were three heads in a single body. Moreover, Trio Gaspard possesses the rarest of qualities: The capacity to change their sound from one piece to another.
Last night the sound was transformed- from intense, warm and velvety in Schumann’s romantic Trio No.1 in D Minor, Op 63- to transparent, cold, cutting, almost vitrified in Ravel’s Trio in A Minor. This is virtuosity arising from a deep understanding of style. And it meant that the audience came into contact with two different worlds. First the imaginary one of Schumann, full of impulse and nostalgia, a distant world, mythical, enveloped in romantic mists and yet permeated by an underlying neurosis. Then the crystalline world of Ravel, dry and linear, with its shape as if etched on glass with a diamond, the folklore memories and the oriental intimations distilled into art, is an ultra-sophisticated style. Enthusiasm and ingenuousness in one piece; subtle, almost perverse refinement in the other. Trio Gaspard managed them both." 
Paolo Gallarati, La Stampa, Nov 22, 2016

"Trio Gaspard has excellent credentials and immediately found its way into the heart of the audience........ for the amazingly fresh approach of Beethoven’s score"
"The 'Archduke Trio' revealed the true value of this ensemble: almost forty-five minutes of music passed in the blink of an eye! A wonderful Allegro moderato, a sparkling Mendelssohn-like Scherzo, a magnificent Andante cantabile and to end with, an incredibly fresh Allegro moderato. The audience burst into a warm applause..."
"L'Arena", review from Verona, February 22, 2016

"A truly refreshing performance! Richly coloured, honest, full of joy and with good agogics! This trio belongs to another league!"
Ensemble Magazine, 2013