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Album reviews: Haydn Vol.2

"As with volume one in their Haydn series, the Gaspard eschew strict chronological order in favour of juxtaposing works from different periods - the new disc features the trios Nos 7, 21, 33, 35 and 45 - with the aim, beautifully realised again here, of encouraging listeners to join dots, find contrasts and marvel at Haydn's prescience.."

"I enjoy listening to Trio Gaspard, the precision and depth of understanding is conveyed through delightful playing where the attention to detail is fluently defined, each nuance superbly crafted. In doing so, Trio Gaspard creates a sound bubble in which the listener can be immersed in performances that demonstrate insight and genius that one has come to expect from musicians of their calibre.

The warmth and brightness of each individual member comes together, coupled with delicate phrasing and a lightness of touch that is seductive."

Read the full review here.

"Last August I greeted the first instalment in Trio Gaspard’s survey of Haydn’s piano trios as a reason to be cheerful. And if the way of the world has wiped the smile off your face in the intervening months, here’s Volume 2 to put it back. Not only is the music itself impossible to resist, but once again the delight these players so evidently take in it positively pours out of the speakers."

Read the full review here.


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