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"Jonian Ilias Kadesha (violin), Vashti Hunter (cello) and Nicholas Rimmer (piano) have been making music together for a good ten years at a breathtaking level as a “Trio Gaspard”.

Under no circumstances should the pianist drown out the more delicate sounds of the two strings, and Nicholas Rimmer does that fantasticly. Despite all his virtuosity and solo presence, light-footed as a cat's paws, always with at least one ear to his colleagues. And Jonian Kadesha and Vashti Hunter do the same – the three musicians actually vibrate together, sometimes appearing in threes to dance. Although certainly each with their own style, they can discover character, connecting as a trio, a great joint energy and a beautiful mindfulness for the whole, the ever-changing roll. What a high risk the trio takes when making music, and the courage to do something unexpected once in a while."

- Rhein-Neckar Newspaper October 2021

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