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2013 - 2019

“Trio Gaspard enchant the audience with their beguilingly beautiful playing…“A Stroke of Genius” was the name given to Trio Gaspard’s programme…at the well attended Lindau Theater. A stroke of genius was found in the chosen repertoire and in the virtuoso performances given by the three musicians: the Albanian/Greek violinist Jonian-Ilias Kadesha, who rejoiced in the finest pianissimi, the British cellist Vashti Hunter who let her cello sing with a velvety tone and German/British pianist Nicholas Rimmer…who brought a feather-light touch to the performance. Each a Master musician in their own right, channeling their excellence into the ensemble.”

 - Schwäbische Lindau, October 2019

"The very last doubt about the perfection of coherence and proportion of the Gaspard Trio is dispelled by the performance of Franz Schubert's Piano Trio in E-flat Major D 929 (1827). But so: breathtaking. The warm cello in the Andante con moto proves to be a true kingfisher, no human voice can sing a winter journey so beautifully. The finale of heavenly length never stops, and one also wishes it never, never stops. The violinist Kadesha is not only characterized by technical grace, but also by an infectious joy in every note, which is something special even for enthusiastic young musicians. Rimmer's playing is, as they say, of crystalline clarity. The repeated return of the Andante melody in the finale is unbearably touching. The whole trio constantly in highest common tension.


One can hardly play this work better, more beautifully, more intensively, more truly. Although these musicians are so damn young. But the "late" Schubert was also damn young."

- Albrecht Selges, May 2018

"In 2010 the violinist Jonian Ilias Kadesha, the cellist Vashti Hunter and the pianist Nicholas Rimmer decided to make music together and their performance in the Matinee in the Burghof Lörrach proved that they had achieved amazing things in the seven years. To put it in a nutshell: what distinguishes their playing is their stylistic homogeneity as a result of waking, sensitive listening to each other. A Mozart that can't be played more beautifully. It is astonishing with what sensitivity, concentration and expressivity the young musicians played this "programme music". Chapeau!"

- Nikolaus Cybinski, Badische Newspaper, January 2018


"Trio Gaspard has excellent credentials and immediately found its way into the heart of the audience........ for the amazingly fresh approach of Beethoven’s score. The Gaspards gave a strictly classical interpretation of the music by the German genius, with very little string vibrato and in constant search of brilliance in touch and phrasing.The extremely talented pianist played the most complex moments in the most natural way, without missing a single note. The Variations, each devoted to a single instrument and highlighting its potential as well as its challenges immediately brought to attention the young interpreters’ mastery of the genre, yet the Archduke Trio revealed the true value of this ensemble: almost forty-five minutes of music passed in the blink of an eye! A wonderful Allegro moderato, a sparkling Mendelssohn-like Scherzo, a magnificentAndante cantabile and to end with, an incredibly fresh Allegro moderato. The audience burst into a warm applause, which led to the Rondò from Beethoven’s opus 1 No.1 in E flat major played as an encore."

- Chiara Zocca, L'Arena, Verona, February 2016

"Last night the sound was transformed- from intense, warm and velvety in Schumann’s romantic Trio No.1in D Minor, Op 63- to transparent, cold, cutting, almost vitrified in Ravel’s Trio in A Minor. This is virtuosity arising from a deep understanding of style. And it meant that the audience came into contact with two different worlds. First the imaginary one of Schumann, full of impulse and nostalgia, a distant world, mythical, enveloped in romantic mists and yet permeated by an underlying neurosis. Then the crystalline world of Ravel, dry and linear, with its shape as if etched on glass with a diamond, the folklore memories and the oriental intimations distilled into art, is an ultra-sophisticated style. Enthusiasm and ingenuousness in one piece; subtle, almost perverse refinement in the other. Trio Gaspard managed them both."

- Paolo Gallarati, La Stampa, November 2016

“An exciting and joyous festival of music making. Heartwarming, lively and animated playing: Trio Gaspard amaze at Pro Nota concert series. Fresh, delightful and vivacious, Trio Gaspard captivated the audience from the very beginning of their performance……. Their sensitive and joyful music-making made us forget that such expression is only possible through perfect technique and excellent concentration. This was executed in the most organic and natural way and they succeeded in fully engaging the audience.”

- Monika Neumann, Grafschafter Nachrichten Newspaper – Nordhorn, June 2013

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